Japan Tours

South Kyushu Trip 6 days

1 Fukuoka Please come to Fukuoka on your own.
An English speaking guide takes you to your hotel by Fukuoka city subway.
2 Fukuoka


Transfer to Kagoshima station by bullet train in the morning.
After arriving at Kagoshima station, transit tourist train called "Ibusuki no Tamatebako."
The detail of Tamatebako is as follows.
You can enjoy staying in the train with nice scenic views.
In Ibusuki, Lunch for nagashi somen. You have to catch flowing noodle by yourself in nagashi somen.
Enjoy and relax Ibusuki's local sand steamed hot spring at the hotel.
3 Ibusuki

Transfer to Chiran by a private car.
You can enjoy ●samurai residence and ●Chiran peace museum that exhibits many articles and portfolios left by the deceased soldiers who fought for Japan during the final moments of World War II.
Local lunch at Takian in Chian.
Move to Kagoshima city where you can enjoy ●Senganen garden, Shiroyama observatory and walking tour of Tenmonkan.
4 Kagoshima

Transfer to Sakurajima, the symbol of Kagoshima, by ferry.
Enjoy some photo stops in Sakurajima on the way to Kirishima.
Black vinegar dish for the local lunch.
Enjoy and relax at the hotel with full of nature and onsen.
5 Kirishima
Transfer to Kagoshima station by a private car.
Transit to bullet train for Fukuoka.
Local lunch for Hakata ramen in Fukuoka.
Enjoy half day tour of Fukuoka in the afternoon; Dazaifu tenmangu shrine and Nanzoin temple.
Karate experience in the evening.
After coming back from karate experience, the end of tour.
6 Fukuoka -End of the tour- B:〇

Day 2 Somen Nagashi

Somen is Japanese traditional noodle made of wheat, thinner than udon noodle.
Generally, it is eaten on summer time, but it is also good to have even on winter time.
Here, you eat flow somen while you catch it by yourself.

Day 2 Sunaburo(Sand Steamed Hot Spring)

The local characteristic of Ibusuki is sunaburo(sand steamed hot spring).
It has been familiar with local people for 300 years.
According to the professor Tanaka from Kagoshima medical university, sunaburo makes your body healthier such as making deep inside your body hot by increasing cardiac output.
The promotion of blood circulation excretes waste product of your body, inflammatory and algesic material. Moreover, it refreshes you with providing enough oxygen nutrition.
The effect of it is 3 to 4 times better than normal onsen.

Day 3 Chiran

The Airplane of Zero Fighters
Samurai Residence

Known as the point of departure for zero fighters in the end of WW2, Chiran is famous for historical place as well as the lasting samurai residence.

Day 3 Kagoshima

Senganen Garden
Senganen Garden
Shiroyama Observatory

Senganen garden is typical Japanese classical garden which was loved by the feudal lord.
In addition to the garden with excellent view of Sakurajima, the symbol of Kagoshima and the city, there is a residence where the feudal lord lived in.
You can enjoy both good scenery and Japanese classic culture here.

Tenmonkan is the main arcade in the city of Kagoshima. You can see the life style of modern people.

Day 4 Kagoshima Ferry

Sakurajima is the symbol of Kagoshima prefecture and easy access there by ferry for 15 minutes.

Gajoen Hotel

Gajoen hotel is a membership of world hotel chain of Relais & Chateaux.
It is located in the middle of Kirishima nature.
You can relax yourself here with full of nature, escaping from the noises of the city.

Day 5 Fukuoka City Tour

Nanzoin Temple
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

Nanzoin temple sets the statue of sleeping Budha made of copper which is the biggest in the world.
It is also known as a power spot for economic fortune since the chief priest won lotteries a couple times.

Dazaifu is one of the most famous shrine all over Japan, dedicated to Michizane Sugawara, also known as the deity of scholarship. So, many students visit there to pray before exams.

Also there are many plum trees whose legend is that when Michizane was demoted from his high position as Minister of the Right and sent to work in Dazaifu, those trees were said to follow after him by flying. That is why, they are called flying plum trees that entertain many tourists on February today.

Day 5 Karate Experience

You learn not only how to do practically, but also the mental way of thinking and etiquette through meditation and cleaning before and after the practice.


Price ¥468,000-

What's Included

Fukuoka : JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom or equivalent
Ibusuki : Hakusuikan Ryokan or equivalent
Kagoshima : Shiroyama Kanko Hotel or equivalent
Kirishima: Gajoen Ryokan or equivalent
Fukuoka : Hotel Nikko Fukuoka or equivalent

5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners

Fukuoka-City Subway(the airport to the hotel day1)
Bullet train round-trip ticket to Kagoshima
Tamatebako train ticket to Ibusuki
Private car from Ibusuki station to ryokan on day 2
Private car from Ibusuki to Kagoshima on day 3
Private car from Kagoshima to Kirishima via Sakurajima
Private car from Kirishima to Kagoshima station
Private car during the Frukuoka city tour
Fukuoka city subway for Karate experience on day 5

English Speaking Through Guide from day 1 to day 5

Day 3: Chiran half-day tour and Kagoshima half-day tour
Day 4: driving tour to Kirishima via Sakurajima
Day 5: half day tour of Fukuoka-city and Karate experience

Exclude: International Airline Ticket


Group Size : 2
*Please feel free to ask in case of more than 3 people. We provide you the quotation soon.
In case the above hotels are fully booked, we provide the equivalent ones.
We can offer you to have sport insurance for karate experience in case you do not have oversea insurance.