The way of enjoying four seasons in Japan

Japanese like enjoying each season, especially Spring and Autumn because of the nature beautifully colored by trees and leaves.

japanese Sakura

Japan sakura tour

On spring, cherry blossom, what we call “sakura” is the most popular and preferred flower. We can feel the beginning of spring and celebrate it under cherry blossom trees. We call it Hanami, meaning watching cherry blossom flowers. We bring food and drink on our own and have a party under the cherry blossom trees. The duration of the full bloom is almost one week, thus that attracts many Japanese because we see the transient beauty as our spirituality connection. On autumn, autumn leaves, what we call “koyo” attracts Japanese. Koyo tells us the end of autumn and beginning of winter like sakura tells us the beginning of spring. Whereas sakura is short-term and full of pink, koyo is long-term and full of red and yellow colors. We do not have party on koyo season, but we walk around the row of autumn-leaves trees. We offer you some nice beautiful scenery spots to enjoy Japanese season.