Buzen is located eastend of Fukuoka Prefecture. Even for people who lives in Fukuoka, don’t know well about Buzen. But…. quite historical
 You will depart from Fukuoka, and visit Saga preh, Nagasaki Pref, Miyazaki pref, Oita pref, and back to Fukuoka again. You will have lots of things t
Pick up 2 famous spot in fukuoka. Private coach will take you there. Yanagawa is 1.30min away from Fukuoka city, You can feel Old Japanese time in the
Mifuyneyama Rakuen is a magnificent pond-promenade garden constructed in 1845 (near the end of the Edo period) by the then-lord of Takeo , shigeyoshi
Yanagawa is located in the southern part of Fukuoka Prefecture and called “ City of Water” The moats were made around 400years ago ath the time Yanaga
You will experience Shakyo at Raizan Sennyo Temple. please feel solemn Japanese Zen. Shakyo is a Buddhist training of copying Buddhist scriptures to
Explore Mt.Aso & Takachiho gorge in 2days. You can enjoy historic Castle and very Fantastic landscape of nature in this short trip. Kumamoto is about
You will be able to see dynamic nature and scenic view on the way to Karatsu city, west part of Saga prefecture. The coastline between Fukuoka city a
South Saga prefecture is 2 hours driving away from Fukuoka city. Yutoku Inari shrine is the most famous Inari shrines in Kyushu area. You will be take
Kagoshima, located in the southernmost of Kyushu is full of nature and good quality of onsen as well as awesome local gastronomy. In this tour, you f